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Being accused of or charged with a crime doesn’t start and end in a set period of time. The repercussions can be life-changing for not only the accused, but friends and family as well. Below, please find some of our recommendations for resources you may need during this process. We are here to help.
Terry Lenamon is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.  What does that mean?

Certification is the highest level of evaluation by The Florida Bar of the competency and experience of attorneys in the areas of law approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida. Board certified Florida Bar members are the only Florida attorneys allowed to identify or advertise themselves as “Board Certified,” “Specialist,” “Expert” or to use the letters “B.C.S.” for Board Certified Specialist on business cards or letterhead, in legal directories or in advertising. Source: Florida Bar website 2010.

What is the Miami Dade Drug Court program and how does it work?

In 1989, the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida was the first in the nation to implement Drug Court, a diversion and treatment program for drug offenders which is overseen by the Court. Its main components are:

  • Early identification of appropriate candidates
  • Diversion from the ordinary course of prosecution
  • Rehabilitation of defendants with intensive supervision by the Drug Court judge and treatment specialists.

The Program offers drug offenders the chance to avoid prosecution, get off drugs and change their lives in a positive direction. Thousands of people have taken this chance in Miami-Dade County’s Drug Court and have succeeded.

Today, this effective alternative to prosecution has generated Drug Court activity in over 400 communities nationwide. Source: Miami-Dade Drug Court website 2010.