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Past Cases

Jury Seating

Early intervention, aggressive motion practice, negotiation, and trial skills have brought the following results.  Each case is different and past results do not guarantee success in a particular case.

State of Florida v. Torrell Harrell

The client was initially charged with first degree premeditated murder. The State was convinced to waive the death penalty, and the charges were eventually dropped.

State of Florida v. Maurice Moorer

The client was initially charged with first degree premeditated murder. A self-defense argument resulted in a successful dismissal of all charges.

State of Florida v. Marc Eugene

A client was charged as a Habitual Traffic Offender with a third DWLS (driving with license suspended.)  A prior conviction for DWLS was vacated, and the third DWLS was reduced to a no valid driver’s license charge.

State of Florida v. Roosevelt Peterson, Jr.

Charged with felony cocaine possession and purchase, his client was faced with long incarceration.  Terry convinced the State to drop charges, even after the jury was sworn.

State of Florida v. Antonio Encinosa

A jury found Antonio Encinosa “NOT GUILTY” on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm thanks to Terry’s advocacy.

State of Florida v. John McKenzie

John McKenzie was found “NOT GUILTY” of burglary when Terry argued his case to the jury.

State of Florida v. Rolando Vo-Mendez

Terry’s trial skills persuaded the jury to acquit, and the client was found “NOT GUILTY” of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

State of Florida v. Andre Bailey

Andre Bailey was found “NOT GUILTY” of armed robbery with a weapon by the jury due to Terry.

State of Florida v. John Worthey

A jury acquitted Terry’s client of a charge of selling and delivering cocaine.

State of Florida v. Keith Campbel

Keith Campbell was found “NOT GUILTY” of robbery with an armed weapon and acquitted by the court on related charges due toe Terry’s efforts.

State of Florida v. Juan Martinez

After Terry argued the case to the jury, Juan Martinez was acquitted on two felony charges – burglary and third degree grand theft.

State of Florida v. Joshua Fulgham

Joshua Fulgham was indicted with his girlfriend Emilia Carr for the murder of Mr. Fulgham’s wife.  Ms. Carr went to trial and received a 7-5 death recommendation and is currently only one of five women on death row.  Terry went to trial and was able to secure a life verdict for his client at the end of penalty phase.

State of Florida v. Grady Nelson

Grady Nelson was arrested for the stabbing death of his wife, and the attempted murders of her two minor children.  After a lengthy trial in Miami, Terry was able to convince a jury to spare the life of Mr. Nelson.

State of Florida v. Vernon Stevens

Vernon Stevens confessed to hog-tying his elderly neighbor, beating him to death, and setting his trailer on fire.  Terry was able to successfully defend against the death penalty at trial in Hendry County, Florida.

State of Florida v. Byron Burch

Byron Burch was convicted of murdering his great aunt in Hernando County, Florida.  After a six-week trial, Terry was able to convince jurors to vote for a life sentence.

State of Florida v. Yvette Yallico

Yvette Yallico confessed to drowning her daughter.  Based on mental health mitigation by her criminal attorney Terry Lenamon, the State of Florida dropped the death penalty and reduced charges to 2nd degree murder.  Working with Mr. Lenamon as her defense counsel, she ultimately pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 years.

State of Florida v. Casey Anthony

Orlando resident Casey Anthonywas accused of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony, in a case that quickly garnered daily, national media coverage.  As a member of the Anthony defense team (which the media has dubbed “the Casey Anthony Dream Team”), Terry Lenamon persuaded the State of Florida not to seek the death penalty by a mitigation package that stressed the mental health aspects of maternal filicide.

State of Florida v. Henry Cuesta

Henry Cuesta was accused of the contract killing of a woman as well as the attempted murder of her boyfriend.  Based on Mr. Lenamon’s mitigation package, which included mental health issues, the State of Florida waived the death penalty.

State of Florida v. Victor Robinson

Here, Mr. Lenamon’s client, Victor Robinson, was charged with the killing of an infant.  As his criminal defense attorney, Terry Lenamon offered substantial mitigation, which resulted in a death penalty punishment being waived and a 40 year plea agreement with the State of Florida.

State of Florida v. Michael Person

First-degree murder charges against Michael Person were dropped after Terry Lenamon discredited the State of Florida’s key witness in an evidentiary hearing.

State of Florida v. Johnson Michel

The death penalty was waived for Johnson Michel due to criminal defense trial attorney Terence Lenamon’s mitigation efforts and tactics during trial.

State of Florida v. Arwin Simmons

Arwin Simmons turned himself in for the double murder of a father in a wheelchair and his son, and hired Terry Lenamon to be his criminal defense attorney.  Mr. Lenamon not only convinced the State of Florida to waive the death penalty for two counts of first-degree murder and at trial, but ultimately persuaded the jury not to convict on first-degree murder.

State of Florida v. Walter Chris Best

Walter Chris Best was charged with first-degree murder for a shooting that happened during the robbery of a fast food restaurant.  As Mr. Best’s criminal defense attorney, Terry Lenamon secured a waiver of the death sentence and then convinced the court to sentence the defendant on a lesser charge and 10 years in prison.

State of Florida v. Taylor

Defense client Taylor was in a drag race in which several people were killed.  At the criminal trial, Mr. Lenamon successfully argued to the jury that the defendant was not guilty of manslaughter but instead the lesser charge of reckless driving.

State of Florida v. Deleon Brown

As Deleon Brown’s criminal defense attorney, Terence Lenamon had his charges were reduced to accessory after fact and 10 years, after first persuading the State of Florida to drop the death penalty.

State of Florida v. James White

After Terence Lenamon’s negotiations, the State of Florida dropped charges after originally wanting the death penalty for the first-degree murder counts against criminal defense client James White.

State of Florida v. Janice Grant

In a false confession, Janice Grant falsely claimed that she dressed up as a boy and committed a murder. After taking her criminal case, defense attorney Terry Lenamon persuaded the prosecution of the false confession.  The death penalty was waived, and she received a 15-year plea agreement on lesser charges.

State of Florida v. Nathaniel Stevens

The jury had already been sworn in the trial of an accused serial killer, when criminal defense attorney Terence Lenamon discredited the confession of Nathaniel Stevens.  As a result, the State of Florida offered a lesser sentence of 8 years rather than the death penalty.

State of Florida v. Generoso Lieo

Generoso Lleo confessed to murder; Terry Lenamon was able to get the case thrown out by showing that the confession was false.

State of Florida v. Roy Bonner

Roy Bonner was a high school football star who confessed to two counts of first-degree murder.  As his defense attorney, Terence Lenamon successfully attacked the reliability of his statements at trial, and the jury hung (11-1) with 11 of the 12 jurors voting to acquit.  After trial, the State of Floida, in negotiations with Mr. Lenamon and his client, offered eight years with credit for time served.

State of Florida v. Rick Edric Thomas

Mr. Lenamon’s client, Rick Edric Thomas, was caught in a police sting and charged with (1) conspiracy to possess with intent to sell cocaine and (2) conspiracy to commit robbery.  At the trial, criminal defense trial lawyer Terry Lenamon successfully argued that the defendant’s confession was untrue, and Rick Edric Thomas was acquitted.

State of Florida v. Latravis Gallashaw

A known member of the notorious John Doe Gang, Latravis Gallashaw, was charged with multiple homicides; nevertheless, his counsel Terence Lenamon began negotiations with the State of Florida that resulted in a plea of 70 years instead of the death penalty.

State of Florida v. Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez was charged in a gang-related homicide by the State of Florida; acting of behalf of his client, Mr. Lenamon persuaded the State of Florida to waive the death penalty and instead, offer an eight-year sentence.

State of Florida v. Ovel Lewis

Over Lewis was allegedly involved in several murders by the Jamaican Posse gang.  At trial, his criminal defense attorney Terence Lenamon discredited the main witness, forcing the State to reduce the first-degree murder charges to 12 years, accessory after the fact.

State of Florida v. Cesar Mena

Cesar Mena was found guilty of the rape and murder of a young woman and the attempted murder of her boyfriend.  At the penalty phase, Terry Lenamon successfully argued for a life sentence rather than death.

State of Florida v. Terrance Green

Newly released from prison, Terrrance Green killed a 15 year old cashier at a fast food restaurant.  At penalty phase, his attorney, Terence Lenamon, convinced a jury to his spare life.

State of Florida v. Armond Davis

Using his expertise in penalty phase mitigation work, Mr. Lenamon saved the life of Armond Davis, who had been convicted of a double homicide during a home invasion robbery.

State of Florida v. Andrew Williams

Mr. Lenamon’s client was convicted of killing a security guard during a robbery at a Coral Gables shopping mall, but his attorney Terry Lenamon successfully prevented Andrew Williams from receiving a death sentence.

State of Florida v. Sedrick Johnson

When Sedrick Johnson went to trial for killing the owner of a gun store in a robbery and shooting several other people, his criminal lawyerTerry Lenamon presented mitigation that convinced the jury to spare Sedrick’s life.

State of Florida v. John Harris

John Harris’s life was spared after conviction on first-degree murder charges when his lawyer Terry Lenamon presented mitigation material developed by experts concerning Mr. Harris’ drug use.

State of Florida v. Mario Lara

Mario Lara had been sentenced to death multiple times and was living on Death Row.  Nevertheless, in the penalty phase of a new trial, Terry Lenamon convinced the jury to recommend life in prison for Mario Lara.  The judge accepted the recommendation, and the defendant is now serving a life term.

State of Florida v. Ronnie Jones

Ronnie Jones had been setting on death row for 14 years until his lawyer, Terence Lenamon, offered substantial mitigation.  Today, Ronnie Jones is off death row and serving three life sentences in a state facility.

Currently Under Review

Because of his expertise in capital offenses, the State of Florida has appointed Terry Lenamon to defend some of its most difficult cases.  In the following matter, the State of Florida refused to waive the death penalty despite aggressive arguments by Mr. Lenamon and even pleas of mercy by the victim’s own family; however, the jury recommendation was not unanimous in the choice between a life sentence or death and now, the case iscurrently under revuew:

State of Florida v. Harrel Braddy

Harrel Braddy, the “Miami Strangler,” was sentenced to death by a jury vote of 11-1 after conviction for leaving a five-year-old girl to be killed by alligators.

Overturned on Appeal

State of Florida v. Wadada Delhall

Wadada Delhall was sentenced to death by a jury vote of 8-4 after conviction for a shooting a witness in an unrelated case against his brother. However, Mr. Delhall’s death sentence was reversed by the Florida Supreme Court because of prosecutorial misconduct.